Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Makes me cry ..turn on speakers

This is truly an amazing and great video... brought me to tears and yet put the biggest smile on my face... I do not know who any of these singers are....I am thinking Gospel as they have that GREAT sound...

One hecka  great song makes my toes tap.....I hope you listen and then re-listen.... Do you have a nice song I need to hear, I like all kinds of music, and always happy to hear. I heared a song from a poster the other day and I saved it, was awesome, thanks.

When I listen to our National Anthem, I tend to cry. I think about everything our founding fathers went through and it really gets to my heart..of course I am a woman, so probably more prone to crying:)


  1. Not a lot I can say...seems I have something in my eye!

    Thanks for the link!

    1. I can say I LOVED IT...not sure who the singers are, but omg I recall 9/11.../cheers thanks for being my new blog friend Hermit...though I do not nor can blog like YOU...thank HJ