Monday, March 5, 2012

Bye Bye Carbonite../sad../curse words

I used to use carbonite..I never had a real reason but it made me feel safe. They dropped Rush over his statements of calling Ms. Fluke a slut. Okay maybe that was strong words but I would much rather be called a slut than a C**T..the words that Ms. Palin was called, by the heavy left.

Rush also said that we are going to be pimps... not a good analogy but I understand what he is getting at. Pimps do not pay prostitutes to have sex, Johns do. So his better analogy would have been, we are now the country of "Johns" We pay the young school girl to have sex.

Anyhow, I am upset over this crumby crap in the media and my carb acct is cancelled..I know they won't go bankrupt from my one month at a time purchase...Just as I know Rush will not go bankrupt from the few sponsors who pulled do to MSM or dem hassle....all the vendors lost my support..sometimes I would just visit their website and recommend to friends.. NOT NOW!

We have to pay for recreational activities, why can't they give me 50 bucks a year to go float the river..I am past child bearing years, and my tubes are tied..but by-golly i would love someone to buy me a tube to go float a river!! Not a pill to keep my tubes from working... IF SHE GETS IT FOR FREE..I WANT IT..oh Never mind, I work for a living and I work for my recreations...her parents should be spanked for not teaching her value, respect or the American Dream.

PS- How did all us old fogey woman survive without free contraception??? GO FIGURE!!!! Old ladies like me, and lesbians do not need the free-pay-to-play..what do we get out of this "happy-go-lucky story" higher taxes..thanks but no thanks!!

Agree or disagree..but which ever your side state the reason why..thanks .. I am very curious to hear from all who have read or heard this story!!