Friday, January 27, 2012

My 2 biggest (Australian) secrets...

These are two country music singers from Australia, so if you do not like country or have no sense of humor, they will not be your cup of tea. I want to share them, as the songs they sing make me giggle, and make me /awww cause both their voices are amazing!!

1. Adam Harvey-
2. Becci Cole-
3. Adam and Becci together (live version so sound is not great)-

I was sitting here thinking about how many people miss out on good music from other countries. I personally watch foreign films and have a stock pile of my favorites but do not listen to music from other countries. I also do not care for "country" for me to like these two, it is very off-the-wall. The songs they sing are funny and full of life to me, great sounds and just look like a blast to see in concert... Anyone else have a great "non-USA" song or film I need to check out??

I have never been a movie watcher, then I found foreign films which do not play out as hollywood films do. My favorite has been "My life as a dog" It is a basic drama but much different than most of the US films. I actually, kept my old eyes awake for the entire film.

Life in Iowa means you need to have good cable, netflix and youtube..LOL. I am always on the look out for new music and old fave movie was "Girl With a Dragon Tattoo"..Hollywood remade it, and I was sure they would mess it up, but it looks like good reviews. Anyone taken the time to see it?

Do you have any hidden music or movies you care to share?? I would love to hear them. Thanks everyone for being so kind.


  1. Dont know if they are from overseas or not but I really like this song

  2. ohh that is awesome aHunka!! TY..I have been on a new quest for music and movies! Ty for sharing!! They are good, will share them with my daughter!!

  3. SS, but i read mostly. On Lee Child, and Diane Chamberlain now.

  4. I like Lee Child, but never read DC books, will check them out! One of my fave when I was young and still holds a good spot in my heart is M.C. Beaton. Not sure why I always loved her, as they are simple to read books, but still one of my faves.