Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 2 of posts../woot

A little background, I moved to this glorious arm-pit 2 years ago, from the Great State of Texas. Wow what a culture shock! No Planes, Trains or Automobiles...okay yes autos, but no taxis! The good, it is 21 degrees today but it feels like 10...yummy!

The other good, is old fashioned butchers at the store, I remember them as a kid and now can remember them as an adult. My favorite steak has always been a Rib-Eye. ...I hit a gold mine, the butcher shop has 4 chuck-eye steaks a week, and I normally buy all 4. They taste like Rib-Eye if you cook them slowly. The butcher said, "You are the only person who buys these steaks, are they good?" I said, "Half the price of a Rib-Eye and if you cook them slow and right, they taste like a Rib-Eye."....

Needless to say, I never get them anymore, the darn Butcher buys them!! So much for being Mrs. Nice guy!! Have you ever shared a special secret and then kicked-your-buns for it?? I know I have the past two weeks!! If you have a special secret that I need to know, please share! I live in a town of 2k people so I am sure I will not hawk your secret!!

Well, I am off to buy a charcoal or flat-iron steak for tonight:(( Sure wish I would have kept my mouth shut about my chuck-eye steaks!!


  1. Sort of like when you share your special recipe for potato salad or crockpot beef stew and so many people start showing up with same thing at potluck suppers that you have to come up with a new specialty :))

    1. Our secret recipe was called a "Texas Special"..yummy and easy to make with puddings, a 4 layer recipe!!..It was special until you shared it with one person who "swore" they would never give it out..LOL

  2. As a Texan, born n bred,,,gotta ask, how can anyone move to Iowa from here? And, where in TX did u move from?,,,Just curious.
    I agree with whoever said, blogging is habit forming. But i have learned a lot from others, look forward to reading others every day, so enjoy.

  3. I was in the Mid-Cities area of Ft. Worth, North Richland Hills area. I loved it and thought I would never live anywhere else. But life throws you curve-balls and you have to catch them!! LOL

  4. the one thing beneficial about living in the mid-west, sella, is that it doesn't take a whole week just to get out of the State. lol

  5. Uh,,,Rue?,,may i have your potato salad recipe? lololol Maybe, the beef stew?,,,,I have a killer deer chili one. Used some starter one time, then threw in a bunch of other stuff,,,,was so good, i sat down right then and wrote it all down before i forgot.
    O yeah,,,was told i should market my potato salad. I make it kinda sweet, chunky.